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Our Back Story!

Dome Essentials

has created an all natural Shave System designed exclusively to provide a healthy shave solution for those handsome beaus and beautiful bellas rocking the Bald Style!

The Inspiration!

Ehdra had very thin hair growing up (a follicle deficiency) with some balding and a slightly receding hairline.  She wore wigs and hair pieces throughout most of her life. It wasn't until in her 40's that she became aware that her hair loss was due to stress which caused some Alopecia. Just before turning 50, she was inspired, in support of a friend who lost her hair to cancer treatments, to cut it all off.  After making that decision, she realized how freeing that experience felt and she realized how much stress she let go of at that point. 


The Blueprint!

After Ehdra, The Beautiful Bald Bella, made the big chop but was unsuccessful in locating a shave system made exclusively of natural ingredients and void of any toxins and chemicals, God gave her the blueprint to create her own.  In the spring of 2015 she saw the formula for this natural shave system in a dream and in the summer of 2016 Dome Essentials Inc. was launched.

Since a natural solution was essential to her dome skin, she felt it would be the same for others who have made the big chop whether by default or by design (personal preference).

The Dome Essentials natural shave system is a healthy alternative to the burning, dry shave products we've used for decades.  Using it as a daily regimen is a great way to pour healthy ingredients into the body through the skin and rock a glowing, smooth dome at the same time.

Dome Essentials Inc is fast becoming the premier company for the dome wearer!

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