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Dome Shave Tips

How often should I shave my dome?

Shave at least once per day or as needed.


In what direction should I shave my dome?

Each scalp is different.  For tougher skin, you can shave against the grain.

For sensitive skin, I'd suggest shaving with the grain first, then finish up against to grab any straggler hairs.


What is the quality of clippers or blade needed?

Most men and women like a sharp blade.  Some like a slightly dull blade.

Be careful to notice a rusty blade (even new) to avoid irritation.


How to choose the right blade?

The clipper provides a close even shave. 

The razor provides the closest, smoothest shave.


How is the Dome Essentials OIL SHAVE different from all other products?

Dome Essentials was created with the DOME in mind.  The exclusive blend of essential oils, vitamins and other natural ingredients was designed for the Dome, by a Dome wearer, to provide nourishment without toxic chemicals.


Does Dome Essentials have a return policy or exchange policy?

Since we know you'll experience the most enjoyable shave with the Dome Essentials line and the consumable nature of the products,

we can not accept returns, but we will provide refunds if you don't experience a smoother shave and see healthier skin after 7 days of use!


How long does shipping usually take?

Shipments should arrive within 7 - 10 days. 

Expedited delivery is also available upon request.


How may I contact you?

Ehdra - The Beautiful Bald Bella


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