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Toxins be gone - The Natural Shave Wins!

Hi – I’m Ehdra the Beautiful Bald Bella. I’m a 53 year young grandmother and I’ve been on an herbal and organic journey for over 20 years.

I don’t like to take medicinal drugs or use products with toxic chemicals in my home. Ever since I discovered Melaleuca, the Wellness Company, I went on a mission to educate others about the affects these toxins have on our bodies and shorten our life spans.

The goal of this blog is to educate and provide you with options for a healthier home and life style.

My Journey began at the dentist. I had a root canal and extraction that left my face so swollen I literally looked like a gorilla from the forehead to the chin. The dentist said the swelling would subside in about a week. I wore a handkerchief around my face to work so I could still answer the phone but hide my swelling. During dinner, a woman visiting my mom stopped by.

My mom's friend began a question and answer session about why I had swelling. She then pulled out a little bottle a natural tea tree oil blended with a grape seed oil that she insisted would reduce the swelling within the hour. Of course I didn’t believe her, so I accepted the challenge.

She instructed me to put the oil directly on my gum around the extraction and root canal and on the repairs. We began to chat about the effects of toxins on the body and the alternative son the market. Time flew by.

After about 45 minutes she told me to look in the mirror at my face to see that the swelling was reduced. Again, I did not believe her. So I went to the bathroom to see that she was right. I screamed in disbelief which alarmed everyone. That day, I began my journey to find out what other natural products I could find.

I was never much of a meat eater coming up. I usually made soups, casseroles and dishes with meat in them, instead of those big chunks of meat. I’ve recently read that eating big chunks of meat contributed to the diseases many face over the years.

Even when my children were babies I would make my own baby food so as not to give them the unhealthy jared stuff.

It was when I decided to rock a bald head that I began my search to create an all-natural shave system as well. Dome Essentials was created by a woman but mainly for the man who shaves to treat the dome skin with good stuff before, during and after the shave process.

Dome Essentials is not just for the head, but works beautifully on the face, legs, back, anywhere you shave, for the smoothest, nourishing, natural shave experience.

Ladies, it’s for you too.

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