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Know Thy Dome!

One of the things I noticed when talking to guys about shaving the Dome is that you have been doing it a certain way for so long and are creatures of habit. You have to get used to the new way. The oil shave process forces you to look at the Dome and use your hands to guide the shave process. 

What do I mean by that? When you're used to the gooey toxic foams on the beautiful dome, and watching the razor glide through the goo to determine if you've shaped that area already; when shaving with the oil, you have to look closely and pay attention to what direction you've already shaved by using your hands to feel for the stubble left behind. 

Because the old way is messy and sticky or soapy, you don't necessarily want to put your hands on your head while you're shaving. With the oil shave, it's a delight to touch your Dome with your hands because the oil is moisturizing and massaging and it isn't drying, but moisturizes both your Dome and your hands while you're maneuvering through the shave process.

Also you want to get to know every nook and crease of the Dome to make sure you get a smooth clean shave and using your hands helps you discover them.

I find that as I shave, rolling my fingers across my scalp helps me to determine what direction my hair grows. Some hair grows from the crown down, while other hair grows side to side. Some people have combed their hair from front to back their entire lives and it's trained to lady in that direction so it's easy to get a clean shave from front to back, then shave back to front, against the grain, for an even smoother finish.

However you shave and in whatever direction, with the Dome Essentials shave oil, your hands are a vital part of the shave process. Don't be afraid to touch the dome during the shave.

Make sure you, "KNOW THY DOME!"



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