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Dome Essentials featured in BLACK ENTERPRISE online magazine     August 31, 2017

Here's a short on the #1 Natural Shave System, Exclusively Designed with the Dome in Mind!

Brandon Andrews: Tell us the Dome Essentials story. Ehdra “The Beautiful Bald Bella” Frazier: My experience is in marketing, small business development and business administration. I’ve worked alongside pastors, CEO’s and visionary leaders in the corporate and nonprofit communities for over 25 years. In 2012, I decided it was time to stop helping everyone else achieve their visions and dreams and start a new journey of my own. I had just turned 50 and felt it was time to do some new things in my “Round 2.” So I made the big chop (cut off all my hair) gave myself a big 50th birthday celebration, recorded a single, and started packing in preparation to relocate to a big city. The decision to move to Atlanta to be near my oldest daughter and two grandchildren seemed like a great fit. While living in Atlanta, I began to notice that wearing my bald head was not an issue as it was up north. It was welcomed and I was admired. I felt comfortable sporting my bald head and was surprised at how many women and men began to acknowledge my look; commenting on the confidence and boldness I exuded. I wore hair pieces, wigs, hats, and scarves since middle school. Many could not tell the difference between my hair and the “doos” I sported. No one ever told me, but I now believe I had female pattern baldness (or alopecia) around the edges of my head. My hair was so thin and fine that I could not wear many popular styles most of my life. So when India Aire’s song, “I am not my hair,” first came out, my response was, “I am not my hair, but it sure helps!” I began to notice that the things which used to stress me were no longer issues like: going swimming, riding in a car with the windows down, sitting comfortably on the couch and having my hair push up, doing modern dance with a scarf to hold my hair on tight, and the worst, riding a roller coaster (which I loved the most). I began to notice that my stress levels were reduced significantly as a result of not looking over my shoulder or being concerned about my hair. I never realized how much stress I was under until then. I felt a new calling emerge. I was already encouraging by nature; but even more so now. It became my mission to stop every person I met to proclaim: “You are rocking that beautiful dome!” So I began calling women, Beautiful Bald Bellas, and men, Beautiful Bald Beaus. The name stuck so I was branded the original, Beautiful Bald Bella. Unsuccessful in locating a natural shave system, void of toxins and damaging chemicals, God gave me the blueprint to create my own. In the spring of 2015, while living in the lower level of my daughter’s home, and unable to find work, I had a dream (a Noah experience, I call it). I saw a complete business model for an all-natural shave system, the manufacturing, reselling, marketing, branding, packaging, shipping and delivering processes and all the people involved in the entire process. I even saw Mr. Steve Harvey in this dream, along with some other dome centered items; and in the late summer of 2016, Dome Essentials Inc. was born. I had found my new purpose. A prototype for The Dome Essentials natural shave system was completed in less than a month. Many men and women in Ohio and Georgia sampled and tested the product. I was ecstatic at the results. The system includes: The Shave Oil—which softens stubble and prepares the scalp for the shave; The Astringent—nourishes the scalp and deposits essential nutrients into the skin, as well as soothes, repairs, and cleans the pores after the shave; and the After Shave Cream—which conditions and protects the scalp. The key natural ingredients include: Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, Shea Butter 100% pure, natural oils, organic essential oils (which are used to clean the skin, control irritation, and improve circulation are among a few of their benefits); vitamins E and D for healthier skin, and other good stuff. The Dome Essentials natural shave system is a faster, cleaner, healthier shave experience! Does your scalp need special care? How does it differ from other parts of the body? Yes, all scalp skin is thick, has several layers to protect the brain, and unlike the rest of the body, the scalp has extra oil glands. Additionally, most people have an abundance of hair for added protection, but it can create a problem for the scalp when we add chemical overload, shampoo goo, conditioners with little or no healthy ingredients, and other products that can clog the pores and cause dandruff and disease to the skin. Many people neglect the scalp all together and focus solely on the hair.

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